Making happy startups

With our latest edition of Startup Packages, we have included all the essentials and fine-tuned the workflows, created collaborative tools to help us move along together and reduced our prices further to offer the best possible start to your small business without breaking the bank.

Please review the notes in red below carefully, they point to the most commonly overlooked project guidelines. They are there so that we can offer the best price possible. We believe that with careful planning and total transparency we can provide an outstanding service at a very competitive price.

If the client is aware of our process from the beginning, then there are no assumptions or unmet expectations – making sure every startup is a happy startup.

In order for us to be able to offer such extraordinary pricing, we have to limit our sessions, design and review cycles. This means we will need to work together, and you will need to stick to the Project Workflow as outlined below.

Startup Packages Workflow


We have lift off!

Deposit & Email Subscription

We begin with your chosen Package once you pay a Deposit and chose your monthly subscription based on your requirement during checkout. Once we receive your order we:-

  • register your domain name and
  • set up your email account(s) as required

Within 2 business days, we will provide you with your email accounts which you can begin using straight away.

We will then ask to schedule a call, facetime or a face to face meeting to discuss your project and get to know each other. We call this a Mission Briefing.


Mission briefing

Let’s get to know each other and your business

Please allow at least an hour for this initial talk. We will be asking most of the questions, and it would help if you are prepared to answer at least some of them.

We ask because we will use the answers to design your branding, website and other collaterals to reflect your business and to speak to your customers.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers, there will be time in the next phase for you to think about things and prepare what is necessary. We will be covering the following:

  • your business idea and vision for the future
  • your competition
  • your unique selling points
  • your ideal customers
  • your vision for visual identity
  • your business narrative style and personality
  • your products or services you would like to offer

Following this discussion, we will send you a summary of what we have discussed which you can expand on during the next Inventory phase.


Inventory and fuel

Everything required to build a new word

Like any serious mission, this one requires meticulous preparation. If you were building a BBQ you would probably get all the bricks and materials and grills and what not together before you start, right? This phase is just the same, getting everything we need together before we can commence the build.

Please note until we have your Mission Inventory and Fuel, we will not be able to commence the next phase or send you any final artwork for your branding.

Following our Mission Briefing, you will receive a summary of our discussion, and a link to an online form to complete together with your invoice with two staged payments of 50% of the remainder of your project total cost.

The online form will include some of the answers we already have, and some guidance on what to include or how to expand on things we still require. Mostly, this will be about copy – your text, your narrative and we encourage you to take time and complete this form at your own pace.

We will also be available just a phone call away to discuss any finer points or to offer inspiration or assistance with completing this important part of the project.

While you are filling out the form, we will prepare some logo and colour scheme ideas for you to review. We will limit this to 3 distinctive creative ideas, but we are confident you will love the first one!

We ask you to pay the next staged payment (the Fuel) once your online form is complete (Mission Inventory) and we will be ready to start building. You can take as long as you like before you complete and pay.

how it works4.

Building the new world

Our turn to sweat

So you have put your time, thought and energy into getting everything ready for the Mission. You have refueled our rocket and its time to put your feet up and let us dazzle you with our flying skills.

This is where everything comes together, and the best part is – we do all the work.

First, we will finalise your Business Cards design and send you a pack of 50 high-quality cards you can be proud of.

We will then complete all the remaining items included in your Package and ask you to review the completed works. Depending on your Package this could take from 1 to 5 weeks. We will communicate all timelines to you as we begin and will keep you informed of the progress as we go along.

Once the items are completed, we open the review process and ask you to provide your review in writing,  in a single document – for all works completed. You can take as long as you need to review and add everything you would like to amend, add, change etc. into one single Mission Debrief Form we will provide, you guessed it – online. This form will have each item included in your package with a field to add your edits, comments, plus other elements of the design for you to comment on – so you cannot miss anything.

We will also send you your Final Invoice – you can pay this when your review is ready.

how it works5.

Mission accomplished

It’s time to break out the champagne!

Please note until we have your Mission Debrief Form and Fuel for the final push (Your Final Invoice paid), we will not be able to commence this final phase.

Once we have your Mission Debrief Form completed, and your Final Payment received we will action your Review Points and open the site to the public. We will accept a reasonable amount of changes and even some additional content, we are pretty fair and want you to be happy. Just keep it real and welcome to the family!

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