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Register gg domain name and setup email at your Guernsey domain
register gg domain

Free domain names for Guernsey charities and non-profits

Offering additional services at discounted prices for charities and non-profits in Guernsey

Why is it free?

As an accredited local registrar with, we pass on the free registration offered by the registry to all local non-profits and charities in Guernsey. We also provide additional services that registry does not like adding email to your domain or routing other third-party services to your domain name. Additionally, we offer discounts on all our services and startup packages for qualified local businesses with a free domains registered through us.

In order to qualify for a free domain name you must:-

(a) be not-for-profit and a ‘good cause’, such as a charity, or community/special interest group (such as a club or society)
(b) be serving the community in at least one of the Channel Islands (this includes local branches of bigger organisations)
(c) make active use of the domain name

To confirm your entitlement to a fee waiver, please use the form below and provide some information about your good cause, community project or a registered charity number.

    Important Notice

    .gg Domains are not offered with a DNS control panel by the Registry which we act on behalf of when registering your domains. DNS control panel is where you can update your DNS records such as mail routing records (MX) and other Domain Name Services (DNS).

    For example, you register a domain and go set-up G Suite yourself. You will not be able to verify your domain or add any records unless you have a hosting provider willing to do this for you. Only NAMESERVERS are allowed at the registry level, which is another way of nominating a hosting provider. All other services like email routing and other DNS records have to be managed via a nominated host. You can nominate nameservers for your existing host when purchasing a domain only product during checkout FREE of charge.

    If you do not have a hosting provider to nominate and would like to register gg domain name and setup email we can do this for you for a £50 setup fee and £45 annually from year 2 to manage your DNS on our secure DNS Server. We offer supported DNS only, meaning only we have access to the DNS control of your domain. This is for security and data protection reasons, as well as to offer a full service to our small business customers. If you require further information about .gg domains and DNS services or wish to discuss your particular setup please give Lauren a call or send her an email.