100% Network Uptime Guaranteed

We know how important it is that your business is always online, with fully-owned Tier 3 standard data centres, enterprise-grade infrastructure and privately-owned super-fast network, UKFAST was our first choice when choosing a hosting partner to take us beyond EU GDRP and into the future.


The data centres are ISO 27001 certified, PCI-compliant and secured to UK government IL4 standards, which ensures your website is protected by exceptional levels of security at all times with an added Guaranteed Data Sovereignty giving you peace of mind that your data will never be transferred outside of EEA borders.

Fully Managed Secure State-Of-The-Art Hosting

We offer fully managed state-of-the-art hosting services with all packages and ad-hoc website design projects. Our hosting partner UKFAST are the industry leaders in the UK and host the most recognisable names on the market. You are in great company:

  • Dedicated Server Environment shared only with other Lubiland clients and managed by us with no access granted to any third party.
    What is dedicated hosting?
    A dedicated server is ideal for websites with a large amount of traffic, and companies that do not want to share space with other businesses due to their high-speed performance and security requirements. Dedicated hosting is the exclusive use of a server that is managed and securely housed by a web host.
  • Advanced Monitoring – Our server is monitored 24/7, to identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Our Dedicated Server is protected by a Cisco ASA Firewall and housed in one of our UK-based, ISO-accredited data centres. Built to the highest-industry standards, you benefit from a best-of-breed, enterprise-grade infrastructure. Rest assured that your server or IT infrastructure is optimised for extraordinary performance, and enjoy peace of mind that your IT is safe and secure.
  • All software and security updates are applied as soon as possible when available. Your business policy may have a provision for some delay, which should be communicated at the time of service commission. When there is no compelling reason to delay, security updates will be applied as soon as practical.
  • Data Breach Procedures and Notification. In the unlikely event of your website’s data breaches a report of such breach will be provided within 72 hours with affected data and risk assessment of such data breach in compliance with EU GDPR.
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Happy clients enjoying the state-of-the-art hosting services:

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